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NPPTL Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response

NPPTL Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response

International Assessment Results – Not NIOSH-approved

NPPTL has completed International Assessments for the products listed below.

NPPTL makes no representation as to the authenticity of the samples received and assessed. As part of its standard respirator approval process for NIOSH-approved respirators, NPPTL conducts a comprehensive quality assurance review of the quality process and manufacturing site. None of these reviews were conducted during this limited assessment. Further, no certificates of approval were provided with the samples. Therefore, validation of the claims that the product meets a particular international standard cannot be made.

For each model listed, ten respirators were submitted for evaluation. The samples were tested using a modified version of NIOSH Standard Test Procedure (STP) TEB-APR-STP-0059. Only particulate filter efficiency was assessed. The results of these tests are for the sample tested and may or may not be representative of a larger lot or population of similar respirators. The results of any filter penetration test can only be used to provide a check of the product’s filter efficiency. No conclusions can be made regarding equivalency to N95 products that are NIOSH approved.

No certificates of approval were provided with the samples received. Therefore, the authenticity of the claims, that the product meets a particular international standard, cannot be validated.

These assessments are not a part of the NIOSH respirator approval process and will in no way lead to or preclude NIOSH approval through the official approval process.

These assessments were developed as an assessment of the filter efficiency for those respirators represented as certified by an international certification authority, other than NIOSH, to support the availability of respiratory protection to US healthcare workers and other workers due to the respirator shortage associated with COVID-19.

Most of these products have an ear loop design. NIOSH-approved N95s typically have head bands. Furthermore, limited assessment of ear loop designs, indicate difficulty achieving a proper fit. While filter efficiency shows how well the filter media performs, users must ensure a proper fit is achieved.

These results are not to be used by manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and importers to make claims about their products and/or to influence purchasers.

ManufacturerModel Number/Product LineInternational
StandardFiltration Efficiency (%)Test ReportMaximumMinimumAnhui Baishidun Protective Equipment Co., Ltd.Baishidun FFP2EN149, GB262653.0046.102020-51.1pdf iconAnhui Changli Environmental Protection Technology Co., LtdKN95 Protective MaskEN14995.7494.732020-50.1pdf iconAnhui Hongqiaosi Hometextile Co., Ltd.KN95 Disposable Protective Face MaskUNKNOWN99.8099.642020-80.2pdf iconAnhui Jinling Plastics Co., Ltd.UNKNOWNGB262696.1377.602020-21.1pdf iconAnhui Jinling Plastics Company LimitedProtective MaskEN14999.6698.672020-59.1pdf iconAnhui Kangweijia Labor Protection Articles Co., Ltd.9501 Protective MaskEN149, GB262698.9292.052020-86.1pdf iconAnhui RYZUR Medical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.KN95BEN149, GB262633.9027.002020-66.3pdf iconAn Hui Su Bo Lun Clothing Co., Ltd.SU KN95GB262695.1028.452020-55.1pdf iconBaoji Taidakang Medical Technology Co., LtdMedical Protective MaskGB1908399.2794.302020-47.1pdf iconChangning Lingjiakang Protective Products FactoryKN95 Stereo Protective MaskEN14950.7433.752020-10.3pdf iconChangshu City Hengyun Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd.KN95 Respirator MasksGB262697.2988.532020-78.3pdf iconChunyuChunyu FFP2EN14999.0397.542020-06.1pdf iconCTT Co., Ltd.KN95 (8410)EN149, GB262698.8385.702020-87.1pdf iconCSIC Pacli (Nanjng) Tech Co. Ltd.Filtered Protective Mask KN95GB262697.7296.742020-28.1pdf iconDaddybaby Co., Ltd.KN95 4-PLYEN14993.4591.152020-29.4pdf iconDelta PlusCA 38.504ABNT/NBR 1369899.4393.092020-45.2pdf iconDobu Life Tech Co., Ltd.Dobu #201KMOEL99.9499.852020-115.2pdf iconDongguan Oukangda Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Self-Priming Filter RespiratorGB262693.7620.002020-78.4pdf iconDongguan Oukangda Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Kangerda KN95 Particulate RespiratorEN149, GB262693.6890.282020-78.5pdf iconDongguan Xianda Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.KN95 Protective MaskEN149, GB262635.0024.102020-23.1pdf iconDongguan Xianda Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.KN95 Protective MaskGB262699.6399.472020-120.1pdf iconFlyhorse Industrial Co., Ltd.FL 0616EN14992.5890.182020-75.1pdf iconGaomi City Hancheng Personal Protective Products Co., Ltd.Baokangjie 9001GB262699.1598.192020-57.3pdf iconGarry Galaxy Biotechnology Co., Ltd.Respirator Mask With TruTone TechnologyGB/T 3261044.3035.202020-119.1pdf iconGuangdong Energy Fortress Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.KN95 Protective RespiratorGB2626100.0095.362020-77.2pdf iconGuangdong Fei Fan Mstar Technology LTDPurvigor KN95EN149, GB262668.8361.602020-10.2pdf iconGuangdong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.KN95 Stereo Protective MaskEN14999.1897.912020-102.1pdf iconGuangdong Nafei Industrial Holding Co., Ltd.Efficient Nursing Protective MaskEN149, GB262610.501.102020-78.8pdf iconGuangdong Nafei Industrial Holding Co., Ltd.NAFY Protective MaskEN14920.4013.902020-63.1pdf iconGuangdong Nuokang Medical Technology Co., Ltd.KN95-Certified Particulate RespiratorGB262698.7324.222020-60.1pdf iconGuangdong Qian Jing Testing Co., LTD.DNW Protective MaskEN149, GB262676.5069.202020-18.1pdf iconGuangdong Shantou MachineryKN95 MaskEN149, GB262649.0034.702020-37.1pdf iconGuangdong Zhizhen Biological Medicine Co., Ltd.KN95 Three-Dimensional
Protective RespiratorGB262689.8088.702020-124.1pdf iconGuangzhou Baoweikang (Powecom) Personal Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.KN95 Protective MaskGB262699.4099.212020-49.1pdf iconGuangzhou Harley Commodity Co., Ltd.L-103V KN95GB262699.4999.022020-95.1pdf iconGuangzhou Huashan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.GF-Mask KN95 MaskGB262674.9027.102020-78.1pdf iconGuangzhou Kangbang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.KN95 MaskEN14998.8672.002020-68.1pdf iconGuangzhou Sunjoy Auto Supplies Co., Ltd.K1 Self Suction Filter RespiratorGB262643.7012.302020-118.1pdf iconGuangzhou Tianyi Zhongliang Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.KN95 Disposable Protective MaskGB262697.2987.202020-65.1pdf iconGuanyang Yuhan Textile Co., Ltd.KN95 Protective Face MaskGB262656.5942.152020-36.1pdf iconHangzhou Senrunqing Technology Co., Ltd.KN95 Mask-CEN149, GB262685.9078.702020-67.1pdf iconHenan Kang Medical Devices Co., Ltd.KN95 Protective Mask – KS16GB262697.5052.102020-97.1pdf iconHoneywell Safety Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.H801 Particulate RespiratorGB262699.3298.402020-61.1pdf iconHuabai9501GB262697.0769.002020-29.3pdf iconHuizhou Huinuo Technology Co., Ltd.HV-N 9501B (Non-Sterile Mask)GB262696.5588.812020-22.2pdf iconHuizhou Huinuo Technology Co., Ltd.HV-N White KN95GB262694.9890.582020-113.1pdf iconHuizhou Zhongna Medical Technology Co., LtdAnysound KN95 Self-Priming Filter & Anti-Particle RespiratorEN149, GB262683.4177.302020-56.3pdf iconJiande Chaomei Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd.CM 9527GB1908399.2997.872020-39.1pdf iconJiande Chaomei Daily Chemicals Co. Ltd.F-Y3-A Medical Protective MasksGB1908399.6897.752020-77.3pdf iconJiande Chaomei Daily Chemicals Co. Ltd.6005-1GB262699.1998.732020-110.1pdf iconJiangmen Huayue Industrial Co., Ltd.HY9501 Folding Mask – KN95GB262699.5598.482020-72.1pdf iconJiangsu Homcan Medical Technology Co., Ltd.HC-NP95A Self-Priming FilterEN14951.8017.202020-66.2pdf iconJiangsu Jiton Clothing CorporationJT-KN95 Reusable and Sterilizable Nano-mask KN95EN14996.7491.612020-10.1pdf iconJiangsu Newborn Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Protective Mask KN95GB262697.0750.702020-113.2pdf iconJinhua Jiadaifu Medical Supplies Co., Ltd.KN95 Face Mask (Non-Medical)GB262699.5754.902020-113.3pdf iconJining Jianda Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.PM2.5 KN95EN149, GB262664.8059.602020-21.3pdf iconKindly Care Products Co., Ltd.Y-9500GB262691.6489.802020-66.1pdf iconKindly Care Products Co., Ltd.Y-9500GB262690.7188.202020-79.1pdf iconKing Year and Packaging Co., Ltd.Self-Breathing Filtration Particle-Preventive RespiratorEN149, GB262690.0382.702020-62.2pdf iconKing Year and Packaging Co., Ltd.Self-Breathing Filtration Particle-Preventive RespiratorEN149, GB262691.1283.402020-62.1pdf iconKuangye (Dongguan) Technology Co., Ltd.Geyou KN95 Environmental Protective RespiratorGB262697.1013.602020-78.2pdf iconLaianzhiKLT01GB262699.6897.832020-06.2pdf iconLamdownSD-KN95GB262699.2289.602020-71.1pdf iconLanshan Shendun Technology Co., Ltd.SD-KN95GB262698.1494.912020-80.1pdf iconLanshan Shendun Technology Co., Ltd.SD-KN95GB262699.7166.802020-69.1pdf iconLiaoning Shengjingtang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.Medical Protective Mask N95GB1908398.7496.712020-20.1pdf iconLitezAllWanning Protective MaskGB262698.1443.002020-56.2pdf iconNantong Gold-Sufang Weaving Co. Ltd.KN95 Face MaskGB262693.3984.202020-56.1pdf iconNingbo Green Health Science & Technology Co., Ltd.KN95 Protective MaskGB262645.8033.202020-54.1pdf iconNingbo Green Health Science & Technology Co., Ltd.Disposable Protective Mask (Non-Medical)GB262623.9011.202020-117.1pdf iconNingbo YiXin Intelligentized Science and Technology Co. Ltd.KN95 (Non-medical)GB262659.5053.202020-86.2pdf iconPurvigorKN95 Antibacterial MaskGB262674.2069.802020-33.1pdf iconQingdao Hainuo Bioengineering Co., Ltd.Hynaut KN95 Protective Face MaskGB262698.3797.982020-96.1pdf iconQingdao Maysheng Medical Devices Co., LtdKN95 Protective Mask
(Self Suction Filter Respirator FFP2)GB262699.5999.302020-45.1pdf iconRizhao Sanqi Medical & Health Articles Co., Ltd.3Q 9505GB262699.3996.952020-29.1pdf iconSan JiaoJS95-01EN14989.0082.402020-104.1pdf iconScotics Science & Technology Co.SKSS Sterile N95GB1908397.3696.652020-22.1pdf iconShandong Tricol Marine Biological Technology Co., Ltd.KN95 Particulate Respirator for PPE
with Headstrap + HookGB262699.5798.712020-115.1pdf iconShanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd.DTC3BUSA (claimed, 42 CFR 84)99.7699.672020-57.1pdf iconShanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd.DTC3XUSA (claimed, 42 CFR 84)99.9599.582020-57.2pdf iconShanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd.DTC3B-1GB262699.9299.832020-77.1pdf iconShanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd.DTC3X (Sample Group 1 of 3)USA (claimed, 42 CFR 84)99.6698.322020-94.1pdf iconShanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd.DTC3X (Sample Group 2 of 3)USA (claimed, 42 CFR 84)99.6399.312020-94.2pdf iconShanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd.DTC3X (Sample Group 3 of 3)USA (claimed, 42 CFR 84)99.7699.342020-94.3pdf iconShanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd.DTC3XUSA (claimed, 42 CFR 84)99.8499.452020-119.2pdf iconShanghai Gangkai Purifying Products Co., Ltd.8012GB262699.1398.112020-58.1pdf iconShanghai Huaxiang Woolen Dressing Co., Ltd.Disposable MaskGB262698.5197.482020-53.1pdf iconSenke Pharmaceutical (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.KN95 Non-Powered Air-Purifying Particulate RespiratorEN149, GB262698.3692.192020-78.9pdf iconShenzhen Hangsen Star Technology Co., Ltd.Alchemy KN95 Face Mask A1EN149, GB262692.7756.002020-84.1pdf iconShenzhen Kawang Network Technology Co., Ltd.FFP3EN14999.1798.772020-21.2pdf iconShenzhen Meili Medical Devices Co., Ltd.KN95 Protective MaskEN149, GB262698.2958.402020-90.1pdf iconSinpup Health (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.Face Mask KN95EN149, GB262674.3043.102020-90.2pdf iconSuzhou Jinruida Protective Equipment Co, Inc.KN95 Three Dimensional RespiratorGB262699.3197.872020-34.1pdf iconTe YinTY0929 FFP2 NREN14999.7098.892020-43.1pdf iconTongcheng Chengfeng Protective Equipment Co., Ltd.Wanhuizhong Anti-Dust RespiratorGB262659.2032.502020-98.1pdf iconUNKNOWNUNKNOWNGB262699.6098.142020-29.2pdf iconUNKNOWNKN95 Ear Face MaskEN149, GB262693.6091.552020-42.1pdf iconUNKNOWNKN95 Daily Protective MaskGB262697.0884.802020-56.4pdf iconUNKNOWNKN95 Protective MaskGB262668.9014.802020-67.2pdf iconUNKNOWNKN95UNKNOWN90.5034.602020-70.1pdf iconUNKNOWNHaze Mask KN95EN149, GB262681.2078.102020-82.1pdf iconUNKNOWNPLOW KN95GB262691.0566.402020-15.1pdf iconXiamen Lixia Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Lixia Medical RespiratorGB262699.9699.312020-78.10pdf iconXiamen Luan’an Protective Equipment Co., Ltd.Eversafe KN95 Self-Priming Filter RespiratorGB262698.1697.562020-109.1pdf iconZhandjiagang Meijie Commodity Co., LtdMJ-N02A (Particulate Respirator)GB262699.4798.552020-26.1pdf iconZhangjiagang Zhiyi Medical Materials Co.Self-Priming Filter Respirator KN95GB1908399.2697.932020-13.1pdf iconZhejiang Allta Industrial Co., LTDALLTA Respirator 9591GB262698.0893.612020-32.1pdf iconZhejiang Kanghao Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.KN95 RespiratorGB262650.2028.302020-78.7pdf iconZhejiang Lv Mei Biotech Co.BeBetty Particulate RespiratorGB262698.7197.102020-56.5pdf iconZhejiang Xingxin Medical Techology Co., Ltd.KN95 Protective Face MasksGB262698.8190.932020-78.6pdf iconZhongshan Cassiey Biotechnology Co., Ltd.N95 Masks + Particulate Protection RespiratorEN149, GB262649.5041.502020-92.1pdf icon


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